Thermal Massager Mattress NM85 (552 stones)

Thermal Massager Mattress NM85 (552 stones)

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Thermal Massager Mattress NM85 (552 stones)

Thermal Massager Mat

Brand - Care & Cure

Thermal Massager Mat is a Single Sized Tourmanium Heat Mattress, popular family product. 

Best Features of Mat is Lightweight, Durability and Skin-Friendly.

It can be used in various ways, on top of the single size bed or on the floor in the living room area for all family members to enjoy the warmth and the health benefits. 

Our Mat is constructed using the special nano ceramic 'Tourmanium' with the enhanced sleep technology, enabling comfort and deep sleep.

Our Mat is provides not only deep heat but other health benficals such as FIR and Anions. 

Also it is specially designed to block any harmful Electro-magnetic waves and the water strata effects. 

Tourmanium acts as the heat conducting element and also its shape provides acupressure sensations to the users.