Thermal Massage Mat (NM80)

Thermal Massage Mat (NM80)

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Small Thermal Massage Mat (NM80)
Brand - Care & Cure
It is small enough to massage a specific part of your body, such as the abdominal area, chest region or lower back.
It is recommended for those who suffer from feeling cold or people with different alleger and other health problems. The influence of tourmaline ceramic affect the body positively and enhances our immune system.
This Mat is like the other tourmaline ceramic products recommended for those suffering from feeling cold or people with various allergies and other health problems since the impact of tourmaline ceramic affect our organism positive and reinforces our immune system.
Thermal blanket was made with the unique tourmaline ceramic which gives the deep infrared heat and negative ions.
There is no vibration inside the pad, the massage therapy is soft and comfortable when it comes from these thermal heat rays and the specially designed tourmaline ceramic "buttons" working with princips from finger pressure massage during use.