Foot Massager

Foot Massager

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Foot massager Function:
  • Activates Joints For Maximum Relaxation
  • Stimulates The Sensitive Points Of The Calf Region And Releases Tension Through Nerves In Your Feet
  • Simultaneously Provides Invigorating Massage To Feet, Ankles And Calves
  • Infrared Heat Physical Therapy Improves Metabolism And Blood Circulation
  • Massages Foot Muscles With Strong Kneading Action And Improves Circulation
  • Pressure Nodes Located Under Your Feet Stimulate The Reflex Points On The Soles Of Your Feet
  • A Great Way To Promote Healthy Blood Circulation. Perfect For Use During Manicures. 
  • The intensity of the air pressure massage can be adjusted to be Strong, Medium and Weak.
  • The calf massage mechanism can be titled for 45 degrees backward
  • according to the user's sitting position. (90 degrees by default)
  • The calf massage mechanism can be moved upward or downward to
  • adjust the height according to the length of the user's calves with three ranges available
  • The airbag massage for calves can fully relieve the aches of calves arising
  • from walking or longtime standing.
  • The massage for sole, arch and bumps of heel can promote metabolism and increase flexibility.
  • The removable cover is equipped for the sake of cleanness and sanitation.