Elite Plus Luxury 3D Massage Chair

Elite Plus Luxury 3D Massage Chair

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• Elite Plus Luxury 3D Massage Chair
• 4 wheel driven smart 3D mechanical hands
• 8 automatic massage programs: 3D, Relaxed, Ache-improving, Comfortable, Whole body airbag, Body-building, Swing-hip and Waist twist
• 6 massage methods: Shoulder grasping, kneading, tapping, Shiatsu, 3D and kneading tapping
• 3 Manual options: Overall, fixed and partial
• Adjustable head cushion for an exclusive head massage
• 5 massage speed options
• 88 airbags with back heating function
• Neck massage with full body stretch and Zero gravity massage feature.

Designed specially with a bombarding combination of intelligent 3D massage mechanism, zero-gravity massage program, automatic shoulder detection and kneading discs, Elite Plus 3D Massage Chair offers the best possible humanized and the most relaxing full body massage. The synchronous music therapy in it takes your massage to a next level of relaxation.
Elite Plus Massage Chair The extrema the 3d intelligent massage technology comes with an adjustable head cushion that can be adjusted freely within 20cm to fit for different body height and give you exclusive head massage. 
maximum extended led where the calf rest length can be adjusted according to the user's height. The maximum length can be stretched to 23cm to make sure the whole body get formfitting massage. 
leg stretch, this function can stretch cartilage tissue between shanks to activate bone regeneration, relieve muscle tension and joint stiffness to keep healthy.