DVT Pump Power Q-6000 Plus Compressive Limbs Therapy

DVT Pump Power Q-6000 Plus Compressive Limbs Therapy

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Power Q6000 Plus is the new pressotherapy system for professional treatment. It promotes limb blood flow by continuously repeating swelling and contraction.
Rated Voltage 220-240 V 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 80 VA
Adjustable time 0÷99 minuti
Adjustable pressure 10÷240 mmHg ±10%2 
output channels (up to 3 connectable applicators)5 programs
Graphic display8 air speed levels
Weight 9.5 KgIIa class medical device (CE1023 in compliance with MDD 93/42/CEE).

With Power Q-6000 Plus is possible to connect up to 3 applicators in a single treatment thanks to its connection tubes with 1 and 2 derivations. This feature is really important because it allows to treat both abdominal area and lower limbs in a single session.
Power Q-6000 Plus has 5 setting modes of air chambers, 8 air speed levels, adjustable time and pressure values. With Power Q-6000 Plus is possible to customize each treatment according needs.

Main applications:
Lymphedema treatmentLimb paralysisPassive compression fro venous disordersRheumatoid arthritisArm drainage after mastectomyTreating hematomas after surgeriesAnti-cellulite treatment in the initial stagesPost operation prophylaxis in venous thrombosis surgery

Power Q-6000 Plus is equipped with double leggings with 6 compression chambers each, 2 pressure plantars, 2 pairs of single-patient TNT leggings, abdominal band with 6 compression chambers, armband with 6 compression chambers and 1 and 2 derivations connection tubes. 

(2) Leggings with 6 compression chambers(3) 2 derivations connection tubes for leggings(4) Pressure Plantars(5) Extensions for leggings(6) 1 derivation connection tubes(7) Armband with 6 compression chambers(8) Abdominal band with 6 compression chambers